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We work with you as experienced technology partners helping you to keep pace with changing requirements. As your IT capability expands we help you drive digitalisation and enable the roadmap to transformation.

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Secure technology solutions

Mobile Comms - Turning the world upside down

Mobile Data Routing (MDR) connectivity has changed the way we work, live and play. A dependable, strong internet connection is taken for granted these days. TrellisWorks Mobile Comms services and solutions enable you to gain access to important tools, to stay connected with everyone and empowers you to be even more productive from absolutely anywhere.

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IP-CCTV - A better way of protecting what's valuable

We offer two types. The first is a conventional IP-CCTV solution, the second is called QuickSite. Our conventional solution is a cloud-based service which sends and stores images using cellular connectivity. Ideal for permanent structures and locations with equipment on site, it can have 1 camera to 2000 across multiple areas. For QuickSite, which is ideal for temporary needs, like construction sites and pop-up retail venues, please go to Services in the main menu and Mobile Comms on the drop-down menu.

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Wireless - Creating tailor-made network solutions that simply . . . work

Combining high-speed wireless and mobile data routing solutions for resilient and secure connectivity.

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IoT - Opening up new avenues of innovation like never before

Early adopters have certainly reaped the benefits of the IoT. TrellisWorks can assist you in obtaining better value from more statistics and data, leading to accurate decision making and new avenues of innovation.

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PSTN - The big switch-off

TrellisWorks, in consultation with Communication Providers, will ensure that post PSTN/ISDN switch-off, those sites that have been identified as to affected by the loss of power, currently provided by the PSTN line, have a viable solution to maintain connectivity to critical infrastructure sites as well as supporting
existing proprietary protocols.

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Budding - Trusted to do things that are just beginning to emerge

Our skilled engineers and technical experts regularly get asked to get involved with projects that are relatively new to the market. Our clients know we're ambitious, focused and tenacious, TrellisWorks have a real hunger to deliver what's needed.

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Passionate about delivering effective solutions

Using the very latest technology, TrellisWorks can give you the capability to measure, manage and control every aspect of your organisation. Adopting the right technology at the right time empowers you to become smarter and more efficient than ever before.

Skilled engineers & technical experts

If the technology doesn't exist, we can help you invent it. Our skilled engineers and technical experts will enable you to operate in new and exciting ways.

Unrivalled knowledge & influential partners

Years of accumulated knowledge and a cross-network of suppliers, our teams assist you to create the future and drive further success, growth and prosperity.

Offering you true, fixed-priced commercials

We pride ourselves on the ability to move fast and be agile. There isn't an industry out there that isn't being disrupted by new technologies, and we can help.

Rapid proposals, tailored solutions, prompt install

Take advantage of new and emerging technologies. We can guide you through. Fitting your individual needs, fully supported and maintained.

The process of working with TrellisWorks

Innovation is a continual process. It's not a destination, it's a direction we choose to go.

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We have been working with TrellisWorks for many years now. They’re technology driven. They possess outstanding IT skills and have helped us plan, organise and deploy some amazing solutions for Red Funnel and our customers.

Stephen Eyres, Head of IT Operations, Red Funnel

The TrellisWorks team are a real pleasure to work with. They are absolutely committed, focused and driven to achieve mutual success. We’ve formed an honest and open strategic relationship which has brought fantastic success to all parties.

Dipa Patel, Account Director, GTT Communications

In business, you’re never going to have the solution to every problem you come across. But through our partnership with TrellisWorks, we know there’s a company we can turn to, that will work with us in finding one.

Keith Robertson, Fibre Optic & Communications Manager, Turner Group

For over 5 years TrellisWorks has provided us with high-quality services with suitable, robust equipment. We also rely heavily on their mobile network solutions to provide us with the best performance. They really are a pleasure to do business with.

Peter Cardwell, IT Manager, Laing O’Rourke