5G - The network of networks

This is more than just a simple improvement on performance. 5G is going to change everything. Say goodbye to landlines because super-fast mobile broadband will be here.

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More than just a step in the right direction

5G is going to improve everything we know. Industry, transport, education, communications, entertainment and anything else you can think of. ‘Stuff’ will become super smart, things will move themselves, things will talk with one another, things will be faster . . . everything will change and improve beyond all recognition.

TrellisWorks is ideally positioned for the 5G revolution. We have a team of engineers and technologists who have the right skills, partnerships and access to the best technology to make this happen.

Super smart & doing it
for themselves

Super smart 5G machines will do it for themselves, 'fast lane' communications and holographs will bring a new dimension to the conversation.

We're ideally

TrellisWorks is ideally positioned with the right skills and technology to make 5G happen quickly.

And we're ahead
of the game

The engineers at TrellisWorks are ahead of the game when it comes to the installation of 5G capability.

Work faster & be
even more reliable

Thanks to 5G you’re going to be working far faster, connections will be far more reliable, with greater scope and lower response times.