Professional Design Services

TrellisWorks is highly professional when it comes to the challenge of connecting public safety CCTV cameras to a CCTV control room wirelessly. This helps you to save costs and avoid delays associated with leased line connectivity. In an environment of increasing levels of interference as the use of wireless technology goes up, we can assist you in maintaining a reliable RF performance so your CCTV solution works perfectly.

Making a complicated process easy

It’s a complicated process getting the balance of cost versus performance right. There’s a clear threshold of where we are confident a solution will work or not work. And of course, we would never advise you to do something if we’re not prepared to guarantee it. Sad to say, some organisations have ignored our advice and paid the price later on.

TrellisWorks have been offering wireless solutions since 2005. We enable extensive deployment of fixed outdoor wireless connectivity throughout the UK and abroad. In fact, we are still supporting many of the original networks we installed either in their original configuration or through upgrade & expansion.

Finally, we’re proud of the fact that we have never walked away from a solution that didn’t work, we always make sure that your CCTV installation is a complete success.

of deployment

Our experienced team of engineers can plan, design and install a solution that suits your needs exactly and can be deployed quickly.


It's good to know, TrellisWorks offer highly flexible solutions that can be redeployed and/or upgraded at any time or as and when your requirements change.


Generally speaking, total cost of ownership is lower than all other solutions currently available. This includes private fibre, leased lines and GSM.

Think things

Many solutions fail or cost more because the right questions weren't asked at the planning stage. We don't make those kinds of mistakes.