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Getting your information from one place to another over a Wireless Network isn’t easy. To begin with, you have to deal with some unusual problems and the laws of physics if you want your communications to be stable and uninterrupted. Things like interference, time slicing, absorption, data rates and multi-path fading all have to be taken into account if you want your network to be successful.

Being smart with your connectivity

So with this in mind, TrellisWorks are pleased to tell you about QuickNet, our wireless networking service. The benefits of using TrellisWorks as your design and installation partner is our ability to foresee problems at the planning stage and having a depth of knowledge and experience second to none in the industry.

We’ll ensure everything goes smoothly. Installing the best wireless network that suits your circumstances exactly and excels your expectations.

to be flexible

At times, going wireless between buildings saves a lot of resources rather than using fibre in the ground. A radio link can be installed in a few days rather than weeks or months. It's an affordable and flexible option that creates freedom.

all manner of difficulties

With over 10,000 wireless sites installed, we’re a team who has years’ of experience. TrellisWorks provide effective solutions and overcome all sorts of issues and difficulties to ensure you get connected.

Knowing the
real value of wireless

We never lose sight of the real value of what a Wireless Network brings to an organisation. A secure, stable and powerful network enables organisations to work more effectively.

Amazing possibilities
and more opportunities

A stable network enables an organisation to work faster, transfer more information and communicate with more people. A good network brings about amazing possibilities and more opportunities.

Small details make a big difference

During the planning and consultancy stage of a project, the Trellisworks team take great delight going into the finer details and asking lots of questions regarding RF coverage for the particular area in mind.

Do you intend to use a dual-radio AP, serving clients on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz? Have you planned for the lowest common denominator in signal coverage? As the client landscape changes, how would you add more APs or would you move them closer together?

When it comes to the site survey, using the latest designer and survey tools, we can conduct it at any level you require. From a simple case of establishing a clear Line of Sight (LOS) path for radio connectivity, to a comprehensive multi-site, fully documented survey with radio link tests, power measurements and spectrum analysis.

All of this will provide you with live, accurate data on signal and connection strengths, leading to a more refined solution in the end.