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QuickCel is the latest TrellisWorks managed solution, aimed at boosting mobile phone coverage at any and all poor-signal locations. Whether you're working from home, an isolated project site in the middle of nowhere, or a busy office surrounded by, or in, a signal-blocking building. We can help you solve any lack of mobile connectivity you might be experiencing with the only OFCOM license-exempt compliant solution.

Enhancing mobile phone coverage at ANY location with a poor signal

We understand the frustrations of how deficient mobile phone connectivity can feel and know that it can bring work to a complete standstill. If this is happening in your organisation then you’ll be glad to hear we’ve developed our QuickCel service to eliminate this issue for you and get your business functioning properly.

Ours is the only OFCOM license-exempt compliant solution on the UK market currently; if you’re using other signal-boosting equipment not provided by a mobile network operator, these devices may interfere with and slow down essential indoor wireless equipment, such as Wi-Fi routers, but you could be fined or prosecuted and the products confiscated.

OFCOM license-exempt
compliant solution

QuickCel is the only OFCOM license-exempt compliant solution and certified mobile signal boosting solution on the market.

Reliable & resilient
mobile connectivity

With QuickCel, you'll have a long-term, reliable means of mobile connectivity - no matter the location.

Scalable to any size of
office or project site

QuickCel is scalable for any sized office or project site, from a single room set up to a multi-level office environment.

The choice
to buy or rent

Whichever way you choose, the QuickCel solution can be fully managed and supported so you don't have to worry.

Unbeatable mobile phone connectivity and performance

Utilising the only OFCOM license-exempt compliant mobile signal boosting solution on the market, our QuickCel service ensures you will have a long-term, reliable means of ensuring mobile connectivity - no matter the location. It's also scalable for any sized office or project site, from a small, single room set-up to a busy, multi-level office environment with hundreds of different devices.

Our QuickCel service utilises the Cel-Fi range of products from the award-winning company Nextivity, their products are the only cellular coverage solutions authorised for use in nearly 100 countries by almost 200 mobile operators.

What’s more, with our built-in management and support, you don’t need to worry about any element of the QuickCel service, installation or maintenance. TrellisWorks will take care of everything, from the point of order to the moment of de-installation. We’ll provide you with complete peace of mind and unparalleled mobile phone connectivity and performance.

The benefits far outweigh the cost

Monthly rental prices start from as low as £125.00, but please be aware that all QuickCel solutions require a basic site survey. This enables us to determine coverage viability, assess the best solution requirement and establish the perfect cell tower connection and which antenna to use. The cost of a survey will vary depending on your location and the size of the project. Outright purchase options are also available, so please contact us for further information.


Contact us for specific pricing

QuickCel Basic

This is perfect for small offices/cabin set-ups or individual retail spaces. It will bring peak speeds to any network and coverage for up to 15,000 sq. ft. and 40 mobile devices. A QuickCel basic solution includes all external antenna and any cabling you require.

QuickCel Advanced

Designed for large, multi-layered offices or cabin complexes, the QuickCel Advanced solution will provide the best mobile signal available no matter the location or environment. It encompasses coverage for up to 50,000 sq. ft. and 150+ mobile devices and includes all external antenna and cabling.

QuickCel Extender

This is a signal relay point for QuickCel Advanced solutions. It is needed to increase coverage on larger projects over multiple office levels or cabins.