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In the past, a bonded VPN solution required a physical device in your data centre or that of your provider’s. This would hinder you with three unnecessary costs; equipment, rack space and maintenance.

What is even more of a problem, it could also lead to a single point of failure to your network.

Unbreakable, resilient and a low cost solution

We are pleased to announce the new QuickFusion service, which eliminates these worries by providing an entirely virtual, resilient VPN option.

QuickFusion from TrellisWorks provides you with convenience and security. This service is perfect for rapid site deployment alongside our QuickStart 4G service which can achieve unbreakable VPN for any dynamic IP site or office location.

High performance

QuickFusion is a high-performance solution that works securely through bonded SIM connections.

Secure & resilient

You get a secure and resilient QuickFusion VPN tunnel to our dual, geographically separate data centres.

Full management

Benefit from full management and expert support. Get a direct connection to your corporate MPLS network.


The QuickFusion solution is a low-cost option due to the elimination of any physical devices and maintenance costs.