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If you’re about to set up a new or remote temporary office, retail outlet or building site, you’re going to need a surveillance system. In today’s world, you need a full, out of hours set-up for meeting security, and health and safety requirements. QuickSight IP-CCTV is the ideal solution because all you need is the camera - nothing else. No NVR recorder, no training and . . . there's no hassle.

Innovative technology - unique benefits

QuickSight is a surveillance solution for a fast set-up. In a matter of days we design, install and, if needed, manage a comprehensive and unique IP-CCTV solution that meets all of your site requirements.

To begin with, QuickSight utilises 4G connectivity, providing both managed surveillance and time-lapse functionality. This sort of combination provides you with a range of options including 24/7 monitoring, in-built audio warnings and out of hours site security with client alerts.

We also understand your requirements can change at any time. Our solution can adapt to your needs. QuickSight can scale to any size, scope or layout as you go. You’ll always get a tailored solution that fits your site exactly.

Rapid site

QuickSight can be installed quickly with 360-degree cameras which uses lower power than 2 cameras but with a field of view of 4.

Instant access
to any camera

You get instant access to cameras run on Solar/Wind/Battery power options - and outdoor wireless where cabling is difficult.

Client portal views
specific incidents

QuickSight from TrellisWorks offers an indexed video events list and playback from just before the motion event with a tap of a button.

Flexible to fit any size
or shape of site

Scalable and flexible to fit anywhere, linking to an alarm response centre which is optional, instead of events SMS and events list.

Innovation - The foundation of QuickSight

The beauty of QuickSight is the video is recorded to an SD card inside each camera. High definition, wide-angle or bullet video is recorded for up to a month. This way it’s efficient, effective and with absolutely no further issues or cost to you.

Our cameras are specially configured, we’ve changed the default settings so you can retrieve footage when you want. Technically, this is hard to do, but we’ve written special code to fetch only the incident footage that’s useful. There’s no wastage.

Motion detection capability in each camera gives us the time frames we need. Then, only specific footage is uploaded to the server for you to see.

Finally, video footage doesn’t have to be recorded to a PC, QuickSight uses fewer components, so there’s less to go wrong on site. Live image or video is accessed from a server and viewed on an interactive app, played back anywhere and anytime that’s convenient for you.