Video Content Analytics

Once you have IP-CCTV on site, there’s a lot you can achieve with it. There's so much more you can do. VCA is the facility of automatically inspecting the video content in order to detect and determine physical and/or various geographical events.

Inspect, Detect & Determine

This amazing technical capability is used in a range of situations including entertainment, health-care, retail, automotive, transport, home automation, flame and smoke detection, safety and security.

One of the simpler functionalities useful in VCA is motion detection. Movement can be detected in relationship to a fixed background and therefore programmed to set off an alarm. Of course, there are many more advanced functionalities that can be utilised such as identification, behaviour analysis or even, situation awareness.

Automatic Inspection

Automatically inspect video content to detect and determine physical and/or various geographical events.

Wide Ranging Usage

Video Content Analytics can be used in a wide range of situations. For example, ANPR, Red-line Protection, Loitering, Smoke & Heat Detection.

Raising Your Awareness

You can be made instantly aware of any events by using automated pre-programmed warnings.

Advanced Functionality

Functions include: identification, behaviour analysis and situation awareness.