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PSTN Legacy Replacement

BT are 'end of life'ing' their PSTN lines - TrellisWorks can keep you connected.

The Public Switched Telephone Network, the traditional circuit-switched telephone network which includes standard landlines has been in general use since the late 1800s.

It uses underground copper wires. This legacy platform has provided organisations, businesses and households with a reliable means to communicate with anyone around the world for generations. This system is widely used and generally accepted as a standard form of communication.

The problem is, this system has experienced a steady decline in use over the last decade. It’s costly to maintain and to install upgrades and hardware. More importantly, it doesn’t allow for the transmission of newer data type transfers. So BT will not be maintaining or supporting them after 2025.

This leaves many organisations with a big problem.

Ofcom report, The Future of Fixed Telephone Services.

Solving Problems

Connecting critical parts of an organisation and its network.

Telemetry Information

From industrial alarms and equipment up to the edge of your network.

One Size Does Not Fit

Understanding your portfolio of lines, connectivity and network integration.

Data Security

Assisting you in keeping your connectivity and data security in place.

Reduce costs, improve supportability and capability

It is our experience that a ‘1 size fits all’ outcome is not realistic and the portfolio of PSTN connections will require a number of different solutions. This is usually because of security concerns around the data and where these endpoints are situated or, in some cases, totally exposed.

We have had experience with many similar projects and this knowledge leads to less time wasted on false starts and a need for re-inventing the wheel when it comes to solving connectivity issues.

Also, TrellisWorks assure you all budgetary requirements are transparent and clear. We work towards the end of a successful project with your best interests in mind. Our aim isn’t short term gains but long-term partnerships.

Technology partnerships

In partnership with Siemans, TrellisWorks will demonstrate the different solutions available to you and confirm they meet your requirements.

These may vary from low or no power solutions to high availability and mission-critical wireless links, network integration and managed services.