Thermal Sensing & Imaging Software Solution

26 Jul Thermal Sensing & Imaging Software Solution


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Thermal Sensing & Imaging Software Solution
Fusing a state of the art thermal imaging camera and a standard CCTV camera together with temperature recording and then combining this with the monitoring software, Trellisworks have produced an amalgamation of advanced hardware and software that can monitor all kinds of temperature sensitive requirements.

A unique collaboration of technologies bound into one powerful product solution is an exclusive release from Trellisworks into the thermography market. The software package includes; a Desktop i7 tower PC, Cybertronix thermal solution licence, Windows 10 licence, PoE switch with computer accessories and cables etc.. A high performance thermal image camera, and a traditional IP-CCTV external camera are also included which can integrate into a single image. *

The key part of this technology is the thermal recognition software which has been developed for 24/7 surveillance. Thermal imaging detects energy emitted from all objects without the need of light; from detecting ice on the runway and aircraft wings, to fire and detecting electrical connections; the benefits from thermography are endless.

Specifically developed with a spectrum of thermography applications, such as remote monitoring of power generating facilities, fire hazard areas or industrial processes involving self-igniting materials, this solution saves time and money in the long run through pinpointing specific issues, allowing you to isolate and fix the damage or to make repair.

Thermal Imaging Features 

• Thermal image overlay on visible image above (or below) temperature threshold. • Threshold adjustment on main screen. • 2 independent thermal palette selections. • Manual selection (draw box) temperature reading region. • Auto tracking temperature – highest or lowest region in images. • Adjustable information box overlay location and content including data from other sensors.• Zoom lens fine adjustment – if supported by visible spectrum camera. • Overall image temperature readings. • Alarm on over/under temperature. • Active on hot or cold. • Ice detection mode. • Motion detection mode. • Cross line detection alarm. • Email/SMS/Record on alarm. • Up to 8 FPS on modern i7 desktop.

Isothermal Palettes

Isothermal imaging makes it possible to configure highlighted temperature-spans in the image. They help to define which temperature corresponds to which colour. The lower limit denotes the temperature where the coloured part of the palette will start and all temperatures above this limit will stand outThermal Image of Human at the Loft

Temperature Detection

There are 2 types of alarms available, triggered by deviations in temperature; If the temperature rises above or falls below a specified limit, or if the temperature increases too rapidly. The camera has the ability to detect temperatures between -40 °C to 550 °C (-40°F to 1022°F).

Installation and Hardware

Designed specifically with mobility in mind, the package can be set up in a matter of minutes. There is the added flexibility to create additional features based on your individual criteria as the software is written in-house, so whatever your requirements we can tailor a package to fit your needs.

Thermal Imaging and Recording

• Dual Display – overlay thermal alarms on visible spectrum images. • Dual playback in Windows Media Player. • Alarms on high or low temperature. • Wide temperature reading range -40°C to 550 °C • Burnt in temperature readings on videos. • Temperature alarms starts record/email/SMS. • Region/Cross wire alarm starts record/email/SMS. • Hot and Cold spot tracking and reading.

For more information download our latest Datasheet here; Advanced Thermal Imaging Solution 

*The kit list can be changed on request to suit specific requirements.*