Radio Solutions

For the license free radio market, Trellisworks supply, install and maintain products from the leading manufacturers of enterprise wireless solutions. These radio systems operate in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands and are fully compliant with the internationally recognised IEEE 802.11a, b and g standards.


These license free radio solutions are designed for both internal WLAN and external MAN and WAN solutions. With internal WLAN systems Trellisworks offer industry leading secure access points and hot-spot wireless solutions.


For the external market we offer solutions for both point to point and point to multi-point with path lengths in excess of 20km. We also provide assistance with the application of any regulatory, building planning and consent requirements.

Mobile Data Routing Solutions

Trellisworks are currently leading the way in the mobile data routing sphere, combining a flexible, comprehensive range of solutions designed to provide connections surpassing those of fixed-line networks to all corners of the country, with expert maintenance and trouble shooting.


Our MDR solutions utilise the latest technology to provide connections of up to 100Mbps across every mobile network available, providing our clients with a managed, affordable and above all secure and resilient service at the drop of a hat.


Our Quickstart service can provide a fully functioning, secure network to sites in every corner of the UK within days of receiving a request. This can cut weeks and months off of site start up times and enable a smooth transition between offices and projects without lengthy waits for fibre installs.


We offer these solutions as either purchased packages or as a managed rental service for both permanent and temporary installations.


Trellisworks has developed a new product; IP-based CCTV digital web-enabled camera.


The camera now delivers  images to your network and any desktop, from virtually any location without the need for expensive or substantial network cabling OR power supply cabling. This wireless camera kit powered by renewable energy is an ideal solution in areas that cannot accommodate cables.


This environmentally friendly IP network camera and associated “green” column can be installed and located almost anywhere and requires no external cable communication. Power is provided by an inbuilt sealed battery bank being maintained by a dual system of solar panel and wind turbine and the batteries can run for up to 15 days without a top–up trickle charge. The camera pictures are transmitted via a line of sight radio link (up to 5 kilometres), transmitting to a receiving unit connected into a LAN. There is no need to determine cable routes, dig up roads or indeed rely on any exposed cabling.


Pictures are received back to your network at up to 25 frames per second and are available to all authorised users on the networks – wherever you are in the world. Camera pictures can also be monitored and events recorded for later viewing in conjunction with a camera management software system. With either static and or network controllable PTZ dome cameras, this solution can be used to provide a complete and highly professional CCTV Security system, allowing IP pictures to be stored locally or remotely and to activate motion detection/event recording as well as continuous recording.


Just a few examples for the use of the “GREEN EYE” might include:

  • Remote areas in Car Parks and Storage Compounds
  • Business and Industrial Park CCTV
  • Schools and University CCTV
  • Theme and Amusement Parks
  • Equestrian sites, Farms, Conservation areas
  • Roadwork sites