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Network Design

Trellisworks are experts in the design and construction of a variety of wireless and IP CCTV networks, from temporary or mobile networks based around mobile data routers to complex, multi-site communications and CCTV set ups.


One of our major projects and partnerships included the design and implementation of the wireless network across the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park construction phase; a £292m eighteen-month transformation programme. We also collaborated on the Olympic Stadium Transformation project with the London Legacy Development Corporation, providing both data communications and IP CCTV across the various sites.


We have combined decades of engineering experience with network specialists in order to create tailor made solutions for our clients. Concentrating on usability, deployment and connectivity, we can provide the most effective solution for any upcoming project regardless of the perplexity.


  • Consultancy- Trellisworks provide consultancy services. Based on our many years of experience in the wireless market we have accumulated considerable knowledge of the industry, the technology, the techniques and the products. We work closely with our clients to develop a solution which closely matches their needs.
  • Site Survey- Trellisworks offer a full site survey service. We can conduct any level of survey service, from a simple case of establishing a clear LOS path for a laser based product to a comprehensive multi-site fully documented survey with radio link tests, power level measurements and spectrum analysis. Our site survey service will provide live, accurate data on signal and connection strengths, and will lead to a more refined solution design.


  • Kit List- Following the design we prepare a fully detailed kitting or ordering (picking) list for the client’s solution to enable an order to be placed. We keep a large range of devices, licences and solutions in stock for a variety of needs, and have access to an even wider range for more bespoke requirements or unique network designs.
network design
  • License Application- Trellisworks will assist with or complete any necessary Radio Agency application for microwave radio links. We can, if requested, complete the application and progress this to completion.


  • Procurement- As part of our bespoke services we are able to provide mixed device solutions and combine products in order to provide the best possible solution. We can, if requested, supply product, cable assemblies, masts and towers, whether they are standard off the shelf or non-standard bespoke products.


Trellisworks have decades of experience in the installation of a wide range of solutions on numerous project and site locations, and we are experts in fitting the network to the environment. We have worked on some of the most demanding construction projects in the UK, run emergency installation on projects such as the Dawlish Rail emergency, established line of site networks in the heart of London for the Crossrail project and radio solutions on off-shore oil rigs in the North Sea.


All of our engineers are fully trained to operate at height, on construction sites and in sensitive or potentially hazardous areas. As well as this, we supply products and equipment designed to withstand extreme conditions, constant use and isolated locations without loss of efficiency or connectivity.


  • Commissioning- Following an installation we configure and commission the equipment. This may involve simple IP and power level settings to complete data and voice circuit testing with conformance testing and certification.


Trellisworks has invested heavily in establishing and accrediting its service department. Our service department provides a dedicated team of engineers that are trained in the complete portfolio of products. Fault calls can be made with our engineering team where a full advisory service will be provided. For more serious issues, site visits can be arranged on short notice, and our engineers will be able to attend locations around the country in order to assist with network or device issues for a minimal fee.