Red Funnel rolls out new high-capacity wifi solution

10 Aug Red Funnel rolls out new high-capacity wifi solution

UK ferry operator Red Funnel Isle of Wight Ferries has rolled out a new high-capacity wifi solution across all its vessels and terminals.

Since Red Funnel introduced its first passenger wifi system more than seven years ago, there has been a five-fold increase in demand for improved connectivity and greater bandwidth, particularly from the growing number of smart-device users.

Supplied by Trellisworks, the wifi system uses multiple antenna technology and adaptive multipoint access protocols to provide increased operating range and a more reliable wifi connection to guests onboard the ferries and in the terminals. The system also has multiple carrier 3G/4G back-up to ensure seamless failover in areas of poor signal coverage.

“Providing resilient connectivity to a large number of people travelling by sea at high speeds has only recently become possible with the latest technology,” said Jim Kernahan, owner of Trellisworks. “Even so, considerable thought has gone into the design of the new network infrastructure to ensure that we could confidently deliver the high bandwidth and reliability that Red Funnel and its growing customer base wanted.”

Customers can access the new system via their mobile phones, tablets or laptops and this is the first time passengers travelling on the line’s Red Jet high-speed fleet will be able to access free wifi. In addition, the number of wireless access points has also been significantly increased on Red Osprey and Red Falcon.

“Following extensive trials, we are delighted to be launching our new onboard wifi service to coincide with the start of the school holidays,” said Jonathan Green, marketing and communications director at Red Funnel. “We are particularly pleased to have overcome the technical challenges of providing a robust connection to our hi-speed vessels which is a technical first on the Solent and great news for Red Funnel’s 1.1 million Red Jet customers.”