Red Funnel IP-CCTV Replacement and Upgrade Programme

15 Aug Red Funnel IP-CCTV Replacement and Upgrade Programme

red_funnel_fleet (1)Red Funnel, the original passenger ferry company running between the mainland and the Isle of Wight, is a long standing customer of Trellisworks Limited. During our partnership with Red Funnel, as examples of our work, we have provided a number of customer-focused solutions. These include a major ship-to-shore network (100Mbps connection) to connect all the car ferries and the Hi-Speed Red Jets to the internet (for passengers) and the Red Funnel main network (for Red Funnel staff). In addition, we have provided an integrated Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) solution for ferry booking and passenger arrival processing as well as providing Wi-Fi solutions for the port areas.

In mid-2015, Trellisworks were involved in a major IP-CCTV replacement and substantial upgrade programme, as part of a Red Funnel initiative to improve services, customer and staff safety and security, as well as making the site operations more efficient. As IP-CCTV is one of Trellisworks’ specialisms, we were one of three companies to respond to the Invitation to Tender and became involved in a full-scale site visit, design, quote and proposed set of activities. Trellisworks were successful in the exercise, and won the contract in November 2015, with site works beginning in early January 2016 and the sign-off for the operation of the complete new solution during March/April 2016. Trellisworks supplied the entire solution, including a range of Axis IP-CCTV network cameras, Hewlett Packard servers and large capacity storage to record and allow playback. We also supplied all the new cabling to connect these cameras together to the network locations as well as a number of wireless links to allow for connection where there were difficulties with running network cables.



In total 96 IP-CCTV cameras were installed in the first phase, with five main sites covered and with large capacity servers and storage, with resilient backup, in three of those sites. The Trellisworks survey and subsequent design had the aim of providing the maximum amounts of coverage with the highest quality images. To do this we had to match the field of view (what the camera actually sees) to the needs for clearest and crispest image in the varying importance of the camera’s position and also the varying qualities of light and dark faced by that camera’s view. We chose Axis IP-CCTV cameras as the camera solution manufacturer, as Axis are the world’s number one in IP-CCTV camera solutions (Trellisworks are a Gold partner) and because Axis have an extremely comprehensive range of cameras, allowing Trellisworks and Red Funnel to select the appropriate camera for each position and reduce the number of different models down to just four (an indoor mini-dome, an external static, a fish-eye 360 degree indoor dome camera as well as an ultra-low light external static – all vandal-proof).
IP-CCTVFor each camera site Trellisworks had to install either a complete new cable run back to the chosen recording site or install a radio link to bring back images from one or a number of cameras back to the network without the need for cabling. There were also a number of sites, particularly the remote Triangle car park where cabling was not possible and so, with Trellisworks’ expertise in wireless technologies and solutions, radio links were used instead of network cabling to keep costs low and make the work efficient.

At the heart of the solution, for each major group of cameras, is a Hewlett Packard server with large amounts (many Terabytes – TBs) of on-line storage, and with UPS back-up to protect the recordings should power to any site go down. Trellisworks also chose the excellent Qulu IP-CCTV recording and playback platform as the software to control live image viewing and playback. In addition, one key requirement was that, as there are a number of different groups of interested Red Funnel users who needed to view certain cameras or groups of cameras (with correct security and passwords to avoid improper access) the Qulu software platform enabled this granularity of operational control. This spreading of the camera connectivity and recording storage across a number of sites allowed Red Funnel resiliency as well as keeping camera traffic off the main operational networks.

As part of a comprehensive support package Trellisworks also provide Red Funnel with on-going equipmenred_funnel_red_jet_4_1t and software maintenance and support and have also trained Red Funnel staff in the use and administration of the entire solution.

In addition, because the initial solution came back within budget, Red Funnel have recently contracted for a further 12 cameras to cover new areas not thought possible to cover during the initial Tender phase. These are being installed and will be operational in August 2016, making the total number of cameras almost 110 across the five main sites.

Richard Watts, head of safety, risk and security for Red Funnel said, “Trellisworks were awarded Red Funnel’s IP-CCTV contract following a competitive tender and they have delivered the solution, with all its different requirements, in accordance with the brief. They have worked with us to overcome any installation issues and I am very happy with the quality of the images and the playback options that we have. The new system has been of significant benefit in the investigation of several incidents and is already demonstrating a positive return on investment”.

Jim Kernahan, Trellisworks Managing Director said, “We have been a supplier to Red Funnel Group for a number of years, for different technologies, but as IP-CCTV and wireless are two of our key strengths, we were delighted to win this business competitively. I know that the combination of our (Trellisworks’) expertise, the Axis camera range, the Qulu software solution and the range of HP servers and storage is of the highest quality and will see Red Funnel in good stead over the coming years”.

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