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“Our aim is to maximise the value of your investment.”



Intelligent Managed Service

Network performance is critical in today’s world; in fact, every second counts because the faster you get to market the further ahead you’ll be. Opening a new or temporary site, is even more important to get your network delivering immediately, Mobile Data Routing (MDR) is the most effective way to get up to speed.


With years of experience under our belt, we have developed our own managed service using the best equipment in the market place and working with all major mobile data operators.


Our Quickstart Managed service (QMS) delivers you high-level performance, that accelerates production, identifies problem areas with complete visibility and gives full control from day one at a new site.

QMS 800 – Transforming your business together.


At the outset, we will work with you to help you profile the user and their connectivity needs at the new site.


Our enhanced data management service providing:


  • Data alerts informing the client of any SIM hitting 80% of it’s data limit
  • Remote provisioning of SIM tariff upgrades
  • Full capping/de-prioritisation of SIMs nearing or reaching their data limit
  • Full monthly reports on usage, charting what websites or systems have been accessed from the device and by which users*
  • Website/user blocking to help minimise excessive data usage
  • Live monitoring of device performance and SIM usage
  • Full technical troubleshooting
  • Guaranteed zero overage charges unless total site capacity is exceeded*


We deliver value-added services, regardless of the requirements or complexity. More and more of our customers are discovering the true value of our capabilities and how they can benefit through collaboration with us.


Application & Deployment

From planning to deployment, we continually re-evaluate and streamline our processes to implement unique solutions; we never out-source to third parties. QMS is easily integrated into multiple environments because of our continuous development of quality applications.



We have expert knowledge and experience gained from helping thousands of businesses succeed. Through our QMS operating centre, our certified Peplink experts identify, monitor and solve problems so you don’t have to. QMS can help you increase your bottom line with real-time performances whilst eliminating the risk of overages to help stabilise your budget and remove bill shock.



Trellisworks also utilise a dedicated 4G antenna designed specifically for this solution to maximise the received signal strength from all mobile operators, providing a reliable connection to the network and ensuring that fastest possible speeds are available. Both the MDR (Managed Data Routing) unit and the antenna monitor the best available service (in most cases this is 4G), providing data speeds in excess of 20Mbps up and down.

Our aim is to help you maximise your business value, it’s that simple. Our service team is made up of qualified Engineers (we never outsource to third parties) and our QMS solution ultimately delivers greater business agility and delivers a better bottom line for you.

Jim Kernahan Managing Director

Technical Enquiry

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**Specific site data usage only available for users connected wirelessly. Full terms and conditions available on request.