Leading IoT companies Arkessa and Nwave partner to make connecting to the IoT easy

17 Jun Leading IoT companies Arkessa and Nwave partner to make connecting to the IoT easy

Leading IoT companies Arkessa and Nwave partner to make connecting to the IoT easy

Arkessa, a leading provider of Global Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) managed services, today announced a partnership with Nwave Technologies, the low power, wide area (LPWA) wireless network solutions provider.

Arkessa’s one-stop solution provides secure Global IoT connectivity, regardless of network or connectivity technology. Arkessa partners with the leading global and local Mobile Network Operators, provides Pole-to-Pole satellite and now LPWA to deliver unrivalled coverage.

“Arkessa is committed to rapidly integrating the best-of-breed technologies for our customers and partners to connect to the Internet of Things, enabling them to interact with and gain insights from their devices wherever they are in the World and however they connect.” said Andrew Orrock, CEO of Arkessa, “Nwave are leaders in LPWA and the combination of their ultra-narrow band radio protocol and software defined radio enables us to target high density, low maintenance networks of sensors and devices.”

“We are able to rapidly deploy LPWA networks and solutions, and are excited to partner with Arkessa on projects as diverse as Smart Agriculture, Smart Parking, Environmental monitoring, Social Housing and of course enabling the Smart City.” Said Jonathan Wiggin, Managing Director of EMEA at Nwave. “Arkessa has a vision for the future of IoT connectivity that we share, making solutions that deliver rapid return on investment easy to deploy, and open up the potential of the IoT for the World. Together we are making the benefits of the IoT as accessible as possible to as many as possible.”

About Arkessa

Arkessa is a leading M2M (Machine to Machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) managed services provider, delivering global connectivity services and solutions through unrivalled multi-network connectivity in all regions of the World and true pole-to-pole coverage.

Arkessa enables organisations of all sizes to monitor, manage and control remote devices through M2M & IoT technology to enable business to derive valuable information and intelligence from both new and existing IoT devices.

For more information visit arkessa.com, or contact us at hello@arkessa.com

About Nwave

NWave is a leading provider of low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) communications technology and solutions for the Internet of Things. Nwave’s technology allows devices to transmit over long range with minimal power usage, helping to create a world of connected devices delivering real-time data that can drive transformative new business models and bring benefits in all of the most critical areas of human life, changing the way we produce food, look after the sick and elderly, manage transport systems and use precious energy and natural resources.

Nwave provided the core technology for the world’s only open standard for LPWA communications, Weightless-N, and supports the notion of a broad ecosystem based on truly open standards, supporting interoperability and empowering developers worldwide.

The key features and benefits of the Nwave solution are:

Small data packet transmission, created by connected devices

Long range connectivity can securely transmit data over distances of 5-10km in urban areas

Low power consumption allows devices to operate on a single battery for several years

Supports 20,000 simultaneous uplink sessions

Zero interference between nodes

Implementation is silicon-agnostic and can be implemented on SiLabs, TI, Microchip, STM, Axsem etc.

Provides 3,000KHz band scanning and processing for increased range and number of uplink sessions

Nwave base station has a ruggedized IP67 “outside plant” design

UK test networks available in London, Cambridge and Milton Keynes

For more information, visit nwave.io or contact us at info@nwave.io

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