Axis cameras are the natural choice for Trinity College London

29 Jan Axis cameras are the natural choice for Trinity College London

Network cameras provide security and efficiency across multiple sites for government initiative.


Trinity College London (Trinity) was chosen by the government to deliver the Secure English Language Tests (SELT). These are tests that are accepted by the UK Home Office for visa categories where evidence of English language ability is a requirement.

10 test centres were established across the UK. Part of the requirement for the set-up of each centre was the provision of surveillance systems for the purposes of both security, and to monitor identity of the applicants through each location to prevent them applying with different identities and across multiple centres.


A state-of-the-art solution was developed, combining Axis network cameras with Cybertronix’s network video recorder software and servers. 146 Axis cameras were installed across all 10 sites, with overview cameras in the exam room and at least one camera in every other room, including waiting rooms and registration rooms.

Recordings were made during each centre’s opening times, with all footage archived back to a central server in a secure location and held for over six months.


The deadline for the entire project was extremely tight, with less than three months from the initial meeting to the launch in early April.

The solution was fully operational and in place on a permanent basis ahead of the final deadline. The Axis camera-based system provided a secure, affordable and detailed network of monitoring devices and surveillance across all 10 test centres, despite the extremely short timescales from initial contact with Trinity and the final go-live date.

Ensuring a fair and consistent approach to citizenship

Trinity College London (Trinity) is a registered charity and international exam board that has been providing assessments since 1877. With a rich heritage of academic rigour and a positive, supportive approach to assessment, it provides recognised and respected qualifications in a unique spectrum of communicative skills — from music, drama and arts activities to English language.

Following a government procurement exercise, Trinity was one of only two providers that have been selected to deliver tests in the UK approved as Secure English Language Tests (SELT) for UK Home Office purposes.

10 test centres were established at locations across the UK, namely at Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Hammersmith, Holborn, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Peterborough.

Each centre had to provide surveillance systems for the purposes of both overall security and also to monitor the identity of applicants passing through each loca¬tion, to prevent them applying with different identities and / or across multiple centres. The surveillance system would also be installed above desks in each examination room to catch anyone who might be cheating. Axis was chosen as the preferred supplier.

Ease of installation – key to the project

Working with Trinity, Axis and its partner, Trellisworks, established that the project required high-definition network cameras to be installed both in the ceiling to monitor examinations, and also at the eye line, for identification purposes. Cameras would need to record permanently and monitor applicants from when they first entered any of the test centres to when they eventually left. A state-of-the art network video solu¬tion was recommended utilising over 140 AXIS M1054 Network Cameras. This HD camera uses progressive scan technology, providing full frame rate video at two megapixels. It features a microphone, speaker, integrated PIR sensor and a smart and functional design for easy installation.

Nick Metcalfe, technical sales at Trellisworks, com¬mented: “Axis cameras were the natural choice. Their ease of installation, good field of view and fixed focus were perfect for this project and meant the commis¬sioning procedure was very simple, which was essential given the extremely tight timescales.

Within a month of the initial meetings with Trinity, three centres (Cardiff, Holborn and Manchester) had a solution delivered by Axis and Trellisworks that earned Trinity its ‘Permit to Operate’. Once this solution had been approved, the installation continued rapidly, with two teams working in parallel across the remaining seven sites, installing 146 Axis cameras and the necessary cabling and servers in less than two months.

Nick continued: “All 10 Trinity SELT centres had to be up and running by April, which meant we only had a couple of months to complete the project once Trinity had been given its permit to operate. We also had the added complications of limited access to various SELT test centres. The fact that AXIS M1054 Network Cameras were readily available, quick to install and flexible enough to fit the changing requirements of the customer was a crucial factor for us to be able to deliver this project on time.”

The solution was fully operational and permanently in place ahead of the final deadline. In less than three months, the entire project had been scoped, specified and satisfactorily delivered. The system provides Trinity with a secure, affordable and detailed network of monitoring devices and surveillance across all of its 10 test centres.

Noel Thomas, chief technology officer at Trinity College London concluded: “Axis and Trellisworks worked extremely effectively together to deliver a system that allows us to correctly identify and monitor all of our candidates across all of our sites. The system is flexible and scalable enough to allow us to develop it further in the future – we couldn’t be happier.